January 4, 2011

Women's Screenwriting Remains Marginalized While TV Comedy Actresses Hit Their Stride

The WGA released their 2011 list of screen nominations today, re-affirming the same flicks that have been garnering all of the buzz this season and delving us even deeper into awards season. Unsurprisingly, only 2 of the 16 films nominated for these writing awards had any female writers credited.

However, the release of this list caused me to look back at last month's nominee list for the Golden Globes. It was a similar story with only 1 woman nominated for best screenplay. I began scanning the page for the best general category for women.

Though men and women are (unfairly) split up in the acting categories, I found that the nominees for Best Actress in a Television Comedy all play fairly independent leading roles. Rather than the TV wives playing second fiddle to their husbands or ensemble cast members that dominated the category in the past, we have female characters that are, themselves, the unquestionable leads.

Independent and relatable modern women are certainly on the rise in comedy television. 2010 was a huge year for Tina Fey who won the Mark Twain Prize for humor and is the creator, head writer, and star of NBC's 30 Rock. In addition to Fey, other nominees for the lead actress in a Television Comedy include Toni Colette for United States of Tara, Edie Falco for Nurse Jackie, and Laura Linney for The Big C. Not to mention the driven women played by Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation and Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds who weren't nominated this year.

Though I'm disappointed in the lack of female acknowledgment, and perhaps even presence behind the camera, I'm thoroughly impressed by all of the seasoned actresses in television that don't rely on youth, looks, or male actors for their performances.

Not to say that Tina Fey isn't smokin' hot, because, come on.

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  1. glad someone's taking a stand for these talented women. MORE TINA FEY PICTURESSSS