January 23, 2011

Recovery from an Awesome Night.

I love chilled out music. I love low lighting. I love coffee.
I combined all of this in the perfect hangover recovery experience.
Suffice to say I had an excellent time at revival (and I apologize profusely for everything I did that I am unable to remember), but now recuperation was necessary.

Coffee being born. It's...

I began with turning the lights down low, and turning on some Boards of Canada.

I have the best lamp.

The coffee was brewing, the sunlight pouring through the window. I was beginning to forget my splitting headache.

No mug. Classy plastic cup of coffee is classy.

After listening to some music from Homestuck (the greatest thing the internet has ever produced), and a few other tracks I was finally ready to leave my room, and no longer wished to kill everything producing noise.

Everything went better than expected.

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