January 20, 2011

Adele Continues to Reharmonize Pop Standards Physically and Musically

Adele's new album drops on Monday but has already leaked onto sharing sites. Her latest single, "Rolling in the Deep" is slated to become the number one song this week in the UK as well. With such a big year already happening for Adele, the album marks a new direction in her musical prowess with a clearer sound and cohesive lyrics that surely will involve more listeners.

In a world full of scantily clad female pop stars, Adele rises against the standard of showing tits and ass to move a record on the charts. Adele, who has a full figure frame sings about heartache and the pains of moving on from her boyfriend in her latest album, 21. It also successfully empowers women and let's the public know that big girls have problems too.

Within the music industry body images are rampant. Skinny super stars are the creme of the crop like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. However, Adele is different from this and with that she receives less coverage than other pop stars. This cheapens the outlook of musical diversity by saying. "if you don't have the looks, then don't try" and to bigger girls that they too are of less self worth in the eyes of creativity.

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  1. You do a good job quickly summarizing the action of the story and establishing your appreciation for Adele—both important beginnings in conveying the stance and tone of the article.

    And while I get that you think Adele's album has social value, I think for you it lays more in the fact that it puts her soulful talent on display rather than her viability as a sex icon. Perhaps this is the way that it "successfully empowers women." Probably so, because her breaking up with a man and proving that "big girls having problems too" as you say seem more disempowering.

    That being said, I'll accept that bigger women get shut out of the media spotlight as a truism, but could you perhaps point out a few other big-bodied female crooners and mention the way they've also been passed over for promotion? Doing so would really help nail your last point home, get me agreeing with you, and make us all think of the bigger fish you're ready to fry.

    Despite my criticisms, not a bad post really. It's more immediate and specific... a very positive step in your writing development!