January 5, 2011

How To Train Your Dragon: The Animation World!

The cartoon of the century! I never thought I would still have a kid within me even after so many years of maturing and going through puberty.
Every little comedy I watch makes me laugh. Sometimes I laugh for minutes until I can stop.

This picture reminds me that I'm the small dragon always messing with people that are bigger than me. I always mess with my cousin who is a football player and feel like the little dragon in the end.
I love cartoon movies so much because it brings out the child within. I always have a blast watching these movies with my seven year old brother. I feel like were twins.


  1. I find it interesting that you compare you and your family members to dragons and feel like your seven year old brother is your twin.

  2. Haha^^^ Fun to read especially because you're commentary followed each picture..making it seem a bit more interesting.

  3. hahaha omg i'm totally the same way. my friends don't understand why i still watch cartoons. i loooove them. i think i love animations (specifically the old fashioned drawn animations) because i'm an artist. anyways...YAY US AND ALL OTHER CARTOON LOVERS!