January 7, 2011

Putting the Tissues Down, Tove Styrke Gives You An Excuse To Rage After A Breakup

Tove Styrke’s eponymous album is an indicator that she was robbed of the title of Swedish Idol. At the very beginning you are entranced by the beat and lyrics of "Beating on a Better Drum." This girl was fucking hurt and she is letting her ex know that she found a better drum, she wants to bang. There is simply no better way to start this album of heartbreak and the trials that go along with it


The album takes a turn with a favorite of the album, “Bad Time for a Good Time.” After this the album takes a more delicate and happy turn. The music also changes, from the heavy bass beats to more a delicate airy, synthesizing feel to it which ends up draining the album of its life. For the most part, this album is really fucking awesome even if the ending leaves you wanting more.

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