January 12, 2011

Pussy Galore, Find Out the Latest About Girl Groups and Cats

Sound of the Undergroundz by Digital Self
Up above is the latest happenings with UKs biggest girl group, Girls Aloud.

Find out what the cute Chambermaid Jane the cat has to say about her favorite tunes and why!


  1. In Podcast #1: Your Brit accent is mizz, lacks variation and combined with the nonstop music distracts from your content. I've heard you talk and you're a million times more expressive than this.

    #2: Ditto with the second. Although it's cartoony fun to discuss killing random people a la Grand Theft Auto, for those who don't know Mary, it loses some of its zeal. Also, might have been better to actually put the song clips you discuss into the mix, eh?

  2. gorgeous. nice work, nice songs.
    keep carry on admin.
    with best whishes: