January 17, 2011

Our New Podcast: Vox Appeal Episodes 1 & 2

Episode one of our group podcast, Vox Appeal, is here.

Vox appeal by ewilson10

And Episode Two

Vox Appeal 2 by ewilson10


  1. PODCAST #1:
    - A good overview of the show's content. but then you say you'll start with Cody and then open with Nikhil.
    - Nikhil's review doesn't get very specific. It offers lots of opinions without any backing whatsoever. He never mentions any specific scenes, character interactions. Plus why are you covering Up? It's a million years old.
    - OMG Gushers tampons? Is that a swipe at Our Modern Gush? Not cool. The ad never really rises above its own puerile nature. Yes, the sizes are fun but
    - Evan Wilson's review is really good because it's big on specifics. The music at the end begins to compete with his voice.
    - The audio quality is un-even. Each segment sounds a bit different. The interview has some echoing. Some music might have helped in the Japan interview. The interview gets more interesting the further it goes on.

    PODCAST #2
    - Glad to have "I'm loving it" back again. But why is Tom Sawyer playing low in the background? I love the fact that you use Parks and Rec as a foil to The Office. As usual, your opinions have a great specificity to them especially as you begin to pull out specific characters. Also,
    - Nikhil's delivery is stilted although the content is funny.
    - I like how easygoing, natural, and conversational the interview with Daniel is. The music helps.
    - Cody's delivery is too understated/deadpan and the audio quality is not so great. Listen to Sophie's voice on "I'm Loving It" and compare. Also his section is just a list of characters rattled off the top of his head instead of pre-scripted concise thoughts. It never really makes a point about the show beyond saying that the show is stupid. I wish he had put in some audio clips.

  2. nice podcast! really interesting!

    I really liked Sophie's review of parks and rec. I'm a big fan of the office, but you're totally right, jim and pam were the only pair people cared about and now they're both just jerks.