January 13, 2011

The Top 5 Songs to Releasing Your Inner Gay.

There are some songs that are about releasing your inner girl, but did anyone ever stop to think if there are any for the homo's and the lezzies? Well, I totally did and I compiled a (great) list of songs that truly help you turn your heart rainbow instead of red. While most of these songs have to do with the physical manifestation of releasing your inner gay, there are of course songs that reflect the emotional needs as well.

5. Sugababes-About A Girl

While one might not consider this about releasing your inner gay, it totally is though. The main lyrics “you don’t know about a girl” ring true in this overall message. You don’t know shit about her. She wants everything, even if it means a hot girl. She is also going to go to many lengths to achieve it. That’s pretty typical for a horny lesbian or a tweaked out gay man. Overall, this song is about letting loose and having some fun with whatever you can find yourself getting into; a rule I always live by.

4. Tina Turner-Whats Love Got to Do With It

But seriously, what does love have to do with it? Gays and lesbians are notorious for looking past this concept when doing most things in their lives. Tina sings straight to the heart about this trial of wanting something when there isn’t going to be love involved. It also plays on the part that love can only be physical, something that is rampant in gay society with hooking up sites like manhunt.com and many others. However, like she says, “love is only a second hand emotion” so, go out and getcha some no strings attached ass.

3. Le Tigre-FYR

These feminist rockers have made one of the best tracks about equal rights in the history of music. This song is definitely for the inner lesbian that wants to rage all night and eat some snatch at the end of the day. While it covers many different subjects from national health care and black reparations, this track is a must for Riot Grrrls, flannel wearers, and suppressed homosexuals for a good rage.

2. Girls Aloud-Something Kinda Oooh

This is a sexy song for exploring the night with someone. It’s a better version of “I Kissed a Girl” due to the fact that it actually talks about getting real nasty, and not simply a faux lesbian peck. The longing for something different inside of her/him is important to recognize in this song. Not giving a shit about your name or seeing you again is also pretty big in the gay world so this song is perfect for your gay day.

1. Cher-Believe

The epitome of gay, of course Cher had to be on this list. I actually have a personal relationship with this song. It was my favorite in fourth grade and really helped me identify that I was different and that I did want to believe. This is really important for all the closeted homo’s out there, who often sit around thinking about what they should choose. This song gives them hope. Replace the theory of loving someone with wanting to be loved…and you just might kiss a guy…or girl.


  1. Love it, Cody! Especially the Le Tigre :P

  2. Love this list. A little British for my taste, but that Tina song is fantastic. I love Le Tigre, but prefer TKO.