January 6, 2011

Bollywood Music: Himesh Reshammiya's Samjho Na

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Samjho Na (lyrics) is one of many songs sung my Indian star Himesh Reshammiya. It is one of the greatest songs I have heard from his collection of records. It may not be one of his newest songs he sung but it still has the awe of his audience. He interacts with the characters in his songs through the power of love. He uses his guitar to mesmerize his audience because it is one of the least used instruments in India. Yet, it has the power to bring anyone into his world. You may start to have a different way of loving the ones in your life after you see this video (above).

Samjho Na is great because you feel the way he does about the girl by listening to the melody and words. It brings out the beautiful voice and thoughts he has of her all the time. The newer singers look up to this song as an inspiration like no other.

Not many people know about him because he is in Bollywood which is nowhere close to being compared to Hollywood in the American lives. If you listen to his songs you will find a whole new world of music. This is the era in which you could listen to something other than rap or country. The world of art through singing is developing faster than you can keep up. So get up and go listen to some kind of music that isn’t American.

Version two/150 words:

Samjho Na is sung by Indian singer Himesh Reshammiya. It is one of the greatest love songs he has made from his records. He uses his guitar to capture a girl’s love. This power of love can bring about a whole new world that you don’t even know about. You may experience a world that brightens up because of his golden voice. This video (above) will show you how beautiful his voice is. Much of India’s population knows him to be one of the greatest singers alive. A lot of young singers look up to him as a god of art. He is a man from Bollywood with the passion for singing.

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Samjho Na is an Indian song sung by a great man of art, Himesh Reshammiya. He uses his guitar to shower his love throughout the world of music. His video will catch your attention for Bollywood music.

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Samjho Na, sung by Himesh Reshammiya, is one of the greatest songs of love ever. He uses his guitar to shower the Bollywood melody throughout the world.

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  1. Nice work admin. samjho na is blockbuster song i have ever listened
    best regards: Nimra Yasmeen