January 12, 2011

Love & Hate: My Podcasting Premiere

Makenzie, 4, of Toddlers & Tiaras

Hey there, everyone. I gave my first two shots at podcasting today.

The first is called, "I'm Lovin' It," in which I talk about the things I'm loving in the media right now. This week's episode is about TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras.
I'm Lovin' It Episode 1: Toddlers & Tiaras

And secondly, we have "The Rage Cage," in which I rant about things I'm hating in the media right now. Pretty simple, huh? This episode addresses the media & internet's treatment of Macaulay Culkin, post-Mila Kunis break-up.
The Rage Cage Episode 1: Kunis & Culkin Split


  1. Podcast #1: I love the engagement in your voice and from 0:30 on, I'm yours. And you're right, Mackenzie does sound like a gremlin. Great use of audio, especially with the show clip in the middle. And although your intro and outro music is upbeat, it makes me think of something a bit more Vegas and less "guilty pleasure" media savvy. Consider alternatives and experiment.

    Podcast #2: The rage cage intro music is good, kinda wished that it stewed low in the background for a while. You really speak with authority as far as Culkin's financial history and the banality of the commenters, though I wish you had been a bit more specific about what films feature his best acting. I like Saved personally. Party Monster wasn't horrible eiher. Not amazeballs, but not horrible.