January 20, 2011

Community Mid-Season Premiere Review

Tonight, I watched the mid-season premiere of NBC's new Thursday night comedy block line-up. Watch this video, in which I talk about the newest episode of Community.

Sophie Perrault can be reached at sgperrault@gmail.com. Currently, she is studying Philosophy and Media Studies at Austin College, but hopes to go to film school in the near future. She enjoys movies, cats, and calling you out.


  1. I kinda phased out listening to this when you began talking about the show. Remember, you should act as if the person watching doesn't know about your topic. Even a quick comment, like "It takes place at a community college" woulda been good. Then mentioning the roles after each actor's name (ie. Joel McHale who plays the lead student) would help orient people who aren't as into the show. Some pictures woulda helped place it all in context too.

    However, I will assume that this was geared towards the show's fans rather than n00bs, so... I did like the beginning and end of this video. How you start buy talking about the weather and hour long block, your criticism on Outsourced and the spoiler alert. You actually seem very comfortable with the camera and you obviously know your stuff. If you wanna be a pop-culture blogger, keep at it and the world will be at your feet.