January 3, 2011

I feel like leaving everything I have and going on a vacation all around the world! Let go of my college career, my family, and my belongings and set off to another land. I want to embark on an adventure that will show me new races and religions. From seeing longhorns in Texas to New York’s lights, all the way to see the Spaniards, Eiffel Tower, even the deserts of Australia. Born and raised in an adventurous family we’ve always gone on vacation when we get the chance to. I've gone from seeing Native American reserves in Oklahoma to riding a camel in India. I would walk on my own two feet if I have to if there is no other source of transportation.

The countless number of religions I would get to know about while I set through the sun lit world. This is the real joy I would get from setting foot on every different country in the world. Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and many more religions around the world with different beliefs in “God” and their ways of life could essentially make me realize how different religions are different but at the same time how they are similar. I myself am raised in a Hinduism family while at the same time I really don’t know 100% of my religion. It is so confusing but if I could leave the world I live in to travel, I could find the true meaning of beliefs everywhere.

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  1. noticed you're having some formatting problems :/ also, i would give grammar/sentence structuring another look through. Also, maybe play up and explain your interest in religion, or else you sound like another/any other young privileged American who wants to go look at things and feel better about their own existence for it. not that i'm not included in that demographic.