January 11, 2011

Could Mater From Cars Ever Have His Own Movie Debut?

Pixar has always had movie debuts from Monster Inc. to Cars. Now Pixar is thinking of having a sequel to Cars the movie. Mater is a tow truck that is also Lightning McQueen's best friend in the movie. Mater is the stupid car in the movie that always looks up to Lightning McQueen as a hero. The Cars 2 trailer debut has hit the internet and it has everything you would expect from the world of Cars.
But Mater's Tall Tales turns it all around by placing Mater as the hero and Lightning McQueen as the hero. Right after Cars had came out on dvd there were many Cars Toon that came out with Mater's Tall Tales. This showed Mater spin tales of his own of how he was a firetruck once, a famous Matador, a Monster truck, and much more. He has pictured himself as a hero and Lightning McQueen is his sidekick. Mater has come out of the shadows of Lightning McQueen since the first movie came out if you couldn't tell. Mater's tales have made him seem to be the toughest car who can do anything but also keeps the humor withing himself.
Now Mater has came out with a wii game that allows the player to race, fly, shoot, and balance. Mater might as well make a movie at this rate! There are so many Car Toon that Mater has made that they could add up to make a movie. He makes everyone laugh even though he acts very stupid. Pixar has gone far enough to let him have his own game, what more could he have?

Pixar has made a lot of money just from the cartoons and games of Mater. If they do make a movie of him, apart the sequel Cars, they could have a lot of children who would come watch it. I sure know that I would go watch Mater make himself look like an idiot on a wide screen television. Mater has made me laugh ever since he first came on in the movie Cars.

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