January 10, 2011

Ok, Mexico is Just Terrifying.

When my cousins talked to me about college the biggest thing they emphasized was probably their numerous trips to Mexico. Right now, the border of Mexico is one of the last places I'd plan on going to for a fun weekend.

These drug wars are getting people killed left and right down there, and in the most gruesome ways imaginable. Like these sixteen headless guys who got found in a group of burning cars, by a shopping center. The title says fifteen, but they found another in one of the cars. These gangs are not even kind of afraid of the cops down there, and lit the cars on fire to make it easier to find the bodies. In fact, the government isn't trusting the cops to do the job, as corruption is ridiculously common, and is extensively deploying federal army troops to fight the cartels. There's also a neat little graphic there that'll tell you who runs where, and by extension, who you'll probably get killed by in the different regions.

Just a word of advice, never ever google
image search Mexico Drug Violence.
Just trust me.

The gruesome, and numerous murders can be seen as a good sign, as it means the cartels are becoming nervous from army pressure, and alliances are being broken, but I think it's going to get much worse before it gets better.

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