January 4, 2011

Lesbians, Zombies, and Oprah, Oh My!

Here are some some recent news stories, pictures, and interviews on women in the media.

Mediaweek: Oprah Winfrey Network's primetime shows average an impressive 1 million viewers upon premiere, as she continues to take over the world
Laughing Squid: a fascinating and scientifically thorough infographic comparing zombies and super models
AV Club: study claims TV sexualizes women from a young age; complete shock ensues
The Advocate: Mila Kunis gives her take on lesbian sex scene in Black Swan, Meg's sexuality on Family Guy; no comment on pseudo-cross-dressing ex-boyfriend
SheWired: and the Gay Woman of the Year award goes to...


  1. Spaces between each line and periods at the end of each brief woulda helped.

    Love the graphic.

  2. the link isn't working for The Advocate piece... AND I WANNA KNOWWWW