January 3, 2011

I'm Gay and My Music's Gayer.

It’s the rhythm of the night and it also makes the world go ‘round. It makes you believe and it fills you with love. Enough with the awful analogies, music is essential to everyone’s life…or it should be. The vast nature of it is hard to really summarize or even discuss in a simple blog. However, it’s good to have diversity, such as a niche for Swedish and British pop music. Or you could be wearing plaid and listening to indie music that was recommended to you by the pseudo-Nazi website, Pitchfork. I actually love all of these only adding to my homosexuality.

I’m not even really sure how the whole British pop music obsession began, but it did. I feel that it happened when I began taking a break from school and was wallowing in my own misery. Honestly, the effervescent feeling that one gets whilst listening to the cheery horns throughout a Girls Aloud or Saturday’s song is quite infectious and quickly brought me back to life. This can also be applied to Swedish music, but with a more singular wholesome pop sound. Although with indie music, one can often find the long lost art of a good lo-fi band mixed in a droning band singing to your heart about the troubles of your life. I love every minute of it.

All of this comes down to who is really making the big moves here and who deserves to be heard. I am always down for listening to a shitty pop song or any band worth mentioning, so really I am willing to explore the world of these three genres with you a little, with some help from my good friend, Chambermaid Jane. Happy listening!

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