January 4, 2011

Blizzard Infested Traveling: Go To New York, You Stay In New York

Thousands of passengers wait in the United States northeast as the holidays got covered in a blizzard of snow and wind. A total of 9,726 trips were delayed over the weekend by Air Tran, American, Continental, Delta, Airlines, Jet Blue, United, U.S. Airways, Spirit and Southwest due to the weather. On Tuesday many of the flights had taken off from the northeast to there destinations but at least 1,335 flights were still canceled as flights started getting back to their normal schedules.
Some of the passengers were going to drive out of the snow infested states to get back home. When they went to the rental companies the companies were asking for $2,000 per car. Most of the cars were already rented out that is why the rental prices had sky rocketed. Yet, there was so much snow that some motorists got stuck and abandoned their vehicles.
The passengers must be going crazy! Who in the right mind wants their flight to be delayed and on top of that its freezing cold outside, so you can't even go anywhere. What about those people that have jobs? They may lose their job for not showing up to work.
Traveling during the holidays is costing so much more and more every year because they get ripped off on prices. Also, people are renting cars just so they can get stranded in the snow. Of course I want to spend about $2,000 just so I can crash the car into the snow and pay for damages!

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  1. Leave a blank line between paragraphs to break up large blocks of text.

    I didn't get a sense of your stance by the end of the 1st paragraph. It was all information and no voice, no sense of the writer telling me this information. I should know your take by the end of the 1st paragraph.

    Otherwise, I really like your conclusion: madness! outrage!