January 11, 2011

Did Michael Jackson Demand His Death?

After being pumped full of enough drugs to kill multiple small children, Michael Jackson finally died in June of 2009. It shook the world, but no one knew the grime that had replaced the glitz of his life. Conrad Murray, supposed doctor, is now to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter. With this new information leads us to reconsider who was in full control of the situation and a new question arises: was Michael Jackson the one who killed himself?

The latest information that is coming from the preliminary hearings is quite shocking to the medical community on the ethics and behavior of Dr. Murray. It is now learned that Dr. Murray performed CPR on Jackson for the first time ever in his career. This was also after he didn’t call 911 right away, but only two hours later.

Michael Jackson, however, knew how to play the doctor to his advantage. With the looming London concerts, Jackson demanded his “milk” before bed which was the drug, Propofol. This was on top of the numerous other drugs that he had administered him in the evening. However, Jackson didn’t go to bed until eleven in the morning, shortly before dying. What was learned today is that Jackson demanded that he receive the Propofol or he would cancel the concerts in London.

This was also apart of the This It Tour, his eagerly anticipated new concert series. Perhaps the tour was too much for the pop star to handle; although, it could have just been too much since it is reported that the doctor administered the addictive drug to him six nights a week for two months.

In the further months that will come from the trial, it will become more apparent of really happened that night and whether the power of the matter was in the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray or the legend himself.

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  1. Interesting facts that I've never heard. Michael Jackson had a really sad final decade. Also, neat graphic. Did you make it?