January 5, 2011

Committing Hairy Mary: My Date With A Kitten

Tonight I decided to treat myself to one of my favorite past times: a kitten party. I've grown up around and spent an insane amount of time with cats in my life. However, as a resident of a college dorm, there is a strict no pets policy. This has driven me to such desperate measures as skyping with my fat orange tabby, Pippin.

Thankfully, I have older friends living off campus that share my affinity for felines. That's where my dear friend, Brittany LaFollett, comes in. She let me borrow her feisty 6-month-old cat, Mary, for an evening of human-kitten jollies.

I found Mary slumbering in her cat bed; a perfect angel. She kindly let me awaken her and sit by her side as she had a late dinner, totally unfazed by the presence of a camera (though consistently squinting at its flash.)

I brought Mary out into the living room with my friends for some cuddle time that soon devolved into rough housing after she bit the ever-loving shit out of me.

While, I've had plenty of experiences with cat bites, Mary's just started to get excessive. I put her back to bed; all forgiven due to her never-ending cuteness. Though I enjoyed our play time, our maturity levels are just far too disparate. My 7-year-old lap cat back home is much more my speed.


  1. Those pictures are SO adorable. You make me want to find a nearby kitten and huggle it.

  2. I took that last picture. That's my art. I need more time with cats...that's going on my list of creativity enhancing activities.

  3. Laura, did you give Sophie permission to use this image? It's your art, not hers. You should sue.

  4. Nice post. However, this cat is the devil.

  5. ahahaha kitten party...love it ;-)