January 5, 2011

A Listener's Work is Never Finished

Last year my grandmother died. So, naturally, there are certain things I do to remember her. One of those is washing the dishes...manually. Feeling the leftover bits of food floating in the water reminds me of the first time she taught me how to properly wash them.

Of course I had to select some sweet tunes to go along with this dutiful chore. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti was a delightful joy that helped the time go by fast.

The scrubbing was a drag, but I powered through, listening to the beat. Thankfully, the dish soap I use keeps my hand soft so I can select super great tunes for the next washing session.

The experience was a nice reminder of how kind and hardworking my grandmother really was. Forever, dancing and dishes will be my great escape to a distant memory.


  1. I can hear you saying all of this in my head as I read it.

  2. that' pretty original that washing dishes reminds you of your grandmother...and sorry for your loss