January 4, 2011

News Roller Coaster: The Ups And Downs Of Global News

  1. Science disproving God.
  2. Buddhism against abortions.
  3. Iceland volcano grounds European flights.
  4. Spanish air traffic strikes give Britain airline problems.
  5. Highjackings may lead to the end of Islam's religion.

1 comment:

  1. Some comments:

    - None of your links work. You should always test your links once you're done with writing your post. Check with your team and editor to figure out what the problem is.

    - Not sure numbers are the best way to list news briefs as they lead me to believe that they're numbered for a certain reason (like they're being ranked or leading up to something). I know you asked me beforehand and I said numbers were OK, but I only did that because I had never seen it done before and wanted to see how it would look. Now seeing it, I'd consider using bullet points next time as to avoid confusing or misleading people into thinking the numbers signify something.