January 20, 2011

Just as Every Cop is a Criminal, and all the Sinners Saints.

The police in Sherman arrested a woman with meth recently. That's great. Nobody likes meth. Unless you're under it's influence anyway. Meth's kind of like vampires in that way.

Feasting on the blood of a virgin isn't normal.
But on meth it is.

But the officers in question pulled two people over for a traffic violation, saw that they had a record with drug offenses, and searched them. First off, that's either not the whole story, or it's not entirely legal. That's unwarranted search and seizure and the constitution protects you from it. You can waive it and allow them to search you without a warrant, and cops frequently try to convince you to do this, through manipulation, but I think it'd take a hell of a lot to convince a woman to let you search her when she's got fourteen grams of meth all up in her business.

I think she either wasn't aware of her rights, or the officers ignored them. I've had friends go to jail over cops ignoring rights and using an ends justify means method, many of whom actually told the cops their rights were being violated. If this keeps up, don't be surprised if you know a few people in the same boat.

Evan Wilson is a pretty ok guy. He is very laid back and has a number of hobbies, none of which are really any of your business. He is world renowned for his rock hard abs, blazing guitar solos, establishing foreign policy with the reptilians in the center of the earth, and lying.


  1. While you should have linked to the original news source and given a clearer summary beyond their being searched, you do have a funny, engaging conversational voice.

    Also, I get that the reason it's important to you is because you consider this an abuse of rights and one that's unfairly imprisoning your friends and fellow citizens, but you haven't quite explained why other people should care. Saying "If this keeps up, don't be surprised if you know a few people in the same boat," isn't enough.

    So what if the cops are illegally searching people for drugs? This past drug offender did have meth in her snatch. Even if the cops used dirty tricks, he got a drug user off the streets. Why should I care if someone like that gets arrested?

    You have a good answer to this, I;m sure... think it over and then please tell me your thoughts sometime during class.

    Apart from my criticism, I really did enjoy reading this. Some of your best work yet.

  2. Just saw that my link didn't work. The html editor kept making me take out tags before could post it, and it probably came out then. I intended to link it in the first sentence.
    Here's the link fr anyone interested

  3. And also, I should have brought up parellels to 1984 andother Big Brother situations where cops ignore the rights of citizens, and use that power to remove any inconvenient rights.