January 19, 2011

Anne Hathaway To Bring Impressive Assets To Catwoman Role

Good news, horndogs! If you've ever wanted to see this in a slinky catsuit, you're in luck! Anne Hathaway has been cast as Cat Woman in Christopher Nolan's third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. All comments I've come across on the topic address the young actresses' looks rather than acting skills. Isn't it great that a character that has such a complex comic book history can be written off as a sex object? I don't see anyone getting excited about the announcement that Tom Hardy is going to be playing Bane in the film.

With Anne's recent choices to go nude in Love and Other Drugs and on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, her Hollywood stock has risen enormously. Personally, all of her acting stock plummeted in my book after her disastrous stint hosting SNL last fall. But don't bother getting her an acting coach to take on this multi-faceted and mysterious villain, Nolan; the costume designers will be too busy taking measurements to figure out all the perfect places to put holes in her suit.


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